Life Drawing in Oxford

Draw or paint in a professional art studio environment with expert tuition and lighting, and a variety of models. All levels welcome.

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Judith 2009
Judith's drawing before attending classes



Judith 2011
Judith's drawing after attending classes

Regular Classes (last updated 01/06/17). Scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions.

NEW Summer Drawing Course Monday 24th-Saturday 29th July

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced artists, this course will provide a thorough and enjoyable programme of drawing instruction. Working towards improving your handling of more traditional methods, we will begin by exploring different aspects of drawing technique, through the use of experimental and liberating materials and methods. We will work from quicker and more spontaneous works towards more resolved drawings from the model. As your understanding increases, drawing from life will become a more and more enjoyable and fun experience.

Course fee £246 Materials fee: £20

Wednesday MORNING Life Class (Drawing and Painting) 10am -1pm
In this class students are given time to resolve more ambitious drawings or paintings. They will receive individually tailored and focused tuition, to suit their needs and goals. In order that students can apply sophisticated and advanced techniques, the model will often take up the same pose for the whole of the session, and return to that pose in subsequent weeks for a total of up to five sessions or 15 hours. For more information, please scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions below.
£200 per ten week term or £25 session / students £20
Wednesday EVENING Portrait Class 7-9pm
This art class is geared to giving students an opportunity to draw the face. We use a different model every week, and the model is clothed and undertakes the same pose for two hours with three short breaks. This format allows for the creation of a more resolved drawing, and the use of colour. For more information, please scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions below.
£100 per ten week term* or £14 session / students £10
All Day Painting Class MONDAYS 9.30-4.30pm, Monthly.
Mondays, June 26th and July 17th
This class provides the opportunity to work from the model for a sustained period of time and is suitable for painters and those wanting to make larger or more detailed drawings. The model takes up the same pose all day. Individual tuition is provided in colour mixing, mark making, and composition, as well as the basics of proportion and perspective.
£50 Booking advised
All Day Life Drawing Classes SATURDAYS 10am-4.00pm. Monthly.
June 10th, July 8th. (Second Saturday of each month).
The Saturday Life Drawing classes will involve a variety of poses.. Please enquire for details and booking.
£50 per class Booking advised

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Bridget before
Bridget 's drawing before attending classes



Bridget After
Bridget's drawing after attending classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone attend the classes?
The classes are for all levels of ability so you are most welcome to attend them. Beginners are welcome.
Do I have to bring my own materials?
In terms of materials, I provide easels, boards, clips, pencils, charcoal, charcoal pencils and rubbers for free. There is a small price for paper to deter wastefulness. It is cost price. I have white cartridge, and a heavier grey sugar paper, and both cost 20p per A2 sheet..
Are there any spaces on the course?
The Wednesday classes run on a 'drop in' basis, meaning you can just turn up and 'drop in.' No advance booking is required. It is advised that you arrive a few minutes early just in case the class is exceptionally busy, as places are allocated on a 'first come, first served,' basis, at each class. Booking is advised only for the All Day Classes.
Can I drop in or do I have to pay for a term?
You do not have to pay for a whole term to attend the classes. You can pay per class you attend. You are welcome to drop in when you can, or to attend every class. Either way, each time you come I will pick up with you where you left off. Everyone develops at different rates and with different strengths, and so I tutor each student separately, working on their individual requirements.
How many people attend the classes?
The space will comfortably accommodate about 10 or twelve students, and I find this to be the optimum class size. It enables me to give everyone an appropriate level of tuition (an average of 5 or 6 minutes an hour in a full class) especially as some people prefer not to receive tuition when they are working, and on different days some students require more time than others.
Where can I park?
Madalen Road Studios has Free Parking spaces in front of the building

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Andrew Before
Andrew 's drawing before attending classes



Andrew After
Andrew's drawing after attending classes

The Teaching

I will provide you with specialist tuition that will give you a fresh outlook on drawing. We will loosely divide the subject into three topics which we will approach separately. These topics are Line, Tone and Fine Detail. Each topic has its own function.

Linear drawing: the function of the line is to position or place the drawing. I will give you three new ways of seeing that will help you to render the positioning and proportions of what you see more accurately. We will also look at new ways of holding the pencil (or charcoal etc) and how to compose a drawing so that it fits on the sheet.

Tonal Drawing: tone is used to create the illusion of three dimensions in a drawing. You will develop your spatial understanding by looking at methods of layering tone, and by learning how different ways of making marks influence the creation of that illusion.

Fine Detail: This aspect of drawing involves creating a sense of texture and depth in your work. It is a fusion of the two previous topics. Accurate placement, skilful mark- making, and an awareness of aerial perspective are used to create a sense of texture, emphasis, and depth, in the drawing.

Colour: Using the practical application of basic colour theory as a foundation, we will look at ways of mixing with either pastels or paint to enable you to tackle any subject in colour.

Looking for a life model?

If you are looking for a Art Nude Male Life Model in the Oxford and surrounding area who is experienced, professional, reliable and always easy to work with, then I can recommend using Simon on 07837457094

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Find us

Magdalen Road Studios
74 Magdalen Road

(Between Cowley and Iffley Roads)

Call Francis on 07740 779 457 or e-mail





Francis is the best teacher I have ever found.

A L, retired designer.


You learn so much more here.

A R, student, Oxford.


I loved your class last week. You are a calm and inspirational teacher



I just wanted to say a big thanks for class last night, my mum was really nervous but had an amazing time and really enjoyed it, she was singing your praises all the way home!



I will always remember your classes. You inspire me to continue and develop in the future



Thank you for being a great teacher. I'm back in Australia now but I would like to let you know that the time spent in your studio was very helpful and enjoyable.



Francis is a very patient competent teacher who generously shares his knowledge and ability with all his students

JW, Oxford Summer School feedback


I can actually draw now! Francis is an amazing teacher and I may come back next year to retake the class because I enjoyed it so much

SH, student 16 years old, OSS


...excellently organised and taught. We are lucky to have Francis

PY 78 years old, OSS


Excellent teacher in Francis whose enthusiasm, patience and encouragement was inspirational. I learnt a lot

DO, at OSS


When I came back home that night I couldn't stop sketching… Moreover, something very positive about this studio, or people, makes me feel like I can breathe (not that normally I don't, but it's one of those experiences when you sit for a very long time in a stuffy room with the computer, and at some point you leave to the garden. Only then, when you look at the endless sky and take a deep breath of clear air, you know that the room was stuffy and the computer makes you sick)

KR, student, Oxford.


Last night was my fourth time… I loved it. The hours flew by, and I'd find myself totally absorbed as I focused on the light and dark, the shapes, and the satisfaction of channelling what was in front of me into a picture that was in some way beautiful


E B,